Taylor Swift's 'chatty' moment caused a fever

Taylor Swift has long been known as the “matchmaker” of the music industry as many couples have proposed to each other during her performances. And most recently, a lesbian couple made people excited when they proposed during a show of The Eras Tour.

Specifically, a couple publicly proposed and gave each other a sweet kiss while Taylor Swift’s music was playing. The female singer immediately “tuned in” and walked towards the front of the stage to see clearly.

The moment Taylor Swift unconsciously hugged the pole with her “talkative” face immediately caused a fever. Taylor Swift’s expression of both happiness and contentment shows how much she supports the LGBT community.


The clip is currently being shared rapidly on social networks. Besides the blessings to the couple, Taylor Swift’s expression is equally causing a stir. This is promised to be the female singer’s next meme in the near future.


Back to The Eras Tour, BBC News has given estimates on the revenue of Taylor Swift’s epic concert series around the world. According to average value, 11 million tickets sold brought Taylor Swift about 2.18 billion USD. This number is much higher than previous predictions. Because during the implementation process, Taylor Swift also created many more concerts and seating categories.


Previously, The Eras Tour officially surpassed 1 billion USD in revenue, becoming the highest-grossing music tour ever, according to Guinness World Records. In particular, Taylor Swift only took 9 months to reach this number, far surpassing the record of her predecessor, famous singer Elton John (939 million USD).

More than 69,000 people attended the first show of The Eras Tour in the US, breaking the previous record held by Taylor Swift herself. 2.4 million tickets were sold in the initial sale of The Eras Tour, breaking the all-time record for most concert tickets sold by an artist in a single day.


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