Taylor Swift's “red flag” ex-lover: Likes to lock lips with strangers, was boycotted by Korean fans for her extravagant actions

Between her romantic relationship with soccer player Travis Kelce and after breaking up with her 6-year relationship with Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift had a very brief date with Matty Healy, leader of the band The 1975, around May. /2023. It can be said that among Taylor Swift’s ex-lovers, even though Matty Healy had a very short dating period, he can be considered one of the ex-lovers most hated by the singer’s fans. Many people affirm that when meeting Matty Healy, Taylor Swift is like running straight into a mobile “red flag”!

Matty Healy was born in 1989 (same age as Taylor Swift). He is the main vocalist and guitarist of the band The 1975. The band has released 4 EPs and 5 albums topping the UK charts during its 21 years of operation until now, and is one of the world’s leading pop rock groups. Taylor Swift and Matty Healy have maintained a close friendship for quite a long time. Even in 2014, they were rumored to have dated briefly but failed. In the album The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift also gifted the title track with the same name as the album to Matty Healy.

Tình cũ “red flag toàn thân” của Taylor Swift: Thích khóa môi người lạ, bị fan Hàn tẩy chay vì hành động ngông cuồng - Ảnh 1.

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy dated in 2023.

However, if he only worked hard on his artistic activities, Matty Healy would not be so hated by Taylor Swift fans. Matty Healy has a history of causing heavy controversy with his statements on stage and on social networks. He often makes statements that are racist, misogynistic, insulting to the LGBT community,… Male The singer also received a lot of criticism for his lack of control during performances, causing the band to suffer many times.

Matty Healy has made many statements to support promoting rights for disadvantaged groups. However, the way he presents on stage often has problems when his expression is too extreme, going beyond the regulations of the country he visits. In July 2023, The 1975 participated in Good Vibes Festival, Matty Healy shared harshly about some laws related to gay people in Malaysia. Immediately afterwards, bassist Ross MacDonald walked up to Matty Healy and the two kissed. The 1975 continued to perform, and at the 7th performance I Can’t Be More In Love, Matty Healy announced to the audience that the band had to leave, “we just got banned from Kuala Lumpur”.

Tình cũ “red flag toàn thân” của Taylor Swift: Thích khóa môi người lạ, bị fan Hàn tẩy chay vì hành động ngông cuồng - Ảnh 2.

Ross MacDonald walked up to Matty Healy and the two kissed.

This is not the first time The 1975 has been banned from performing in a country. Previously in 2019 in Dubai (UAE), Matty Healy also gave a similar speech and then kissed a male fan during the show. Muslim countries like Malaysia and the UAE generally still have a strict view of the LGBT community, so Matty Healy’s work may not have made the situation for the LGBT community better in these countries.

In June 2023, the music group The 1975 had a performance at the NorthSide Festival in Eskelunden (Denmark). While singing the hit Robbers, lead singer Matty Healy knelt on the edge of the stage and gave a security guard a passionate kiss. Videos recording that moment show the security guard smiling brightly and raising his hands in the air after “lip-locking” the rock star. While the crowd cheered, the singer born in 1989 held a bottle of champagne and pulled the security guard into another brief hug.

Tình cũ “red flag toàn thân” của Taylor Swift: Thích khóa môi người lạ, bị fan Hàn tẩy chay vì hành động ngông cuồng - Ảnh 3.

Matty Healy kissed a man during a performance.

During the 2019 show in Seoul of the group The 1975, Matty Healy made the Korean online community angry by posting a photo of stepping on the Korean national flag with his left foot on his personal page. In the photo is a Korean flag with the names of the group members written on it, as well as the words “The 1975 in Seoul”. Most fans expressed anger at this offensive action of the male singer.

When an online community asked why the male singer stepped on the Korean national flag, Matty calmly replied: “This is obviously my flag”. After facing extremely backlash, Matthew deleted the post but did not include an apology. More notably, the male singer also “added fuel to the fire” with another tweet that read: “omg bore off f**king hell” (roughly translated: “So damn! “). From then on, Matty Healy was completely boycotted by Korean fans for insulting the national flag.

Tình cũ “red flag toàn thân” của Taylor Swift: Thích khóa môi người lạ, bị fan Hàn tẩy chay vì hành động ngông cuồng - Ảnh 4.

The offensive image was posted on social networks by Matthew Healy not long ago. After that, the singer of The 1975 also quickly deleted it.

The implication of dating Taylor Swift is “losing masculinity”

After an unsuccessful date in 2014, Matty Healy made a highly controversial statement two years later. Specifically, when asked by a reporter if Matty Healy was afraid of losing himself when entering a love relationship, he gave a confusing and roundabout answer but also came to the general conclusion that dating Taylor Swift will make you “lose your masculinity”.

Tình cũ “red flag toàn thân” của Taylor Swift: Thích khóa môi người lạ, bị fan Hàn tẩy chay vì hành động ngông cuồng - Ảnh 5.

Taylor Swift at a party with Matty Healy.

With so many “red flags” like that, Taylor Swift fans still have a hard time understanding why the idol could date Matty Healy, even though it was just a non-serious and very short relationship. But certainly, Matty Healy’s feelings for Taylor Swift are not uncommon when there are many tracks in the album The Tortured Poets Department that fans analyze as being for Matty Healy, not simply for Joe Alwyn as initially reported. .

The most typical is the title track – The Tortured Poets Department. Specifically, Taylor Swift fans are especially interested in the lyrics of the song when directly mentioning the name Charlie Puth. The original lyrics are mentioned as follows: “You smoked and ate seven bars of chocolate/ we declare Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist / I scratch your head, you fall asleep / Like a tattooed Golden Retriever”, Thus, the original lyrics above can be understood as the way Taylor Swift remembers the moments with her. ex: smokes (and does drugs), talks about Charlie Puth, has a personality like a Golden Retriever.

Taylor Swift – The Tortured Poets Department

However, at the present time, Taylor Swift is having a peaceful relationship with Travis Kelce, and fans hope this will be the singer’s final happy ending!

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