Thanks To Good People, A Kitten Who Lost Both Eyes Can Now Navigate A New World

Jovi, a small kitten only a few weeks old, was in a difficult situation when she was brought to a veterinary clinic. Sadly, her eyes were ruptured for an unknown reason and she needed urgent surgery.

Fortunately, a man discovered her just in time and two compassionate vet techs stepped up to pay Jovi’s medical bills. The only requirement was that she had to be placed in a loving foster home and eventually find a forever family.

kitty without both eyes
Credit: Facebook

After Jovi’s surgery went well, Mim, an experienced foster parent, welcomed her into her home. According to Pet Helpers Inc., Mim had concerns about caring for a blind pet. However, she was soon amazed by Jovi’s adaptability, as she shared:

“I was a little fearful of my ability to provide her with appropriate care since I have never fostered a blind animal. I’ve fostered several with medical issues including one eye, one ear, pelvic/hip surgery… unfortunately, the list goes on, but never a blind furbaby.”

poor kitty without eyes
Credit: Facebook

Mim was astonished by Jovi’s exploration of her surroundings, using her paws and whiskers to navigate. Not only that, Jovi had a great appetite, happily devouring both wet and dry kitten food. Mim continued:

“The little kitten has amazed me from day one! She steps slowly and deliberately, using her feet to sense her location as well as her whiskers. She uses her litter box faithfully, and is eating and drinking water like a little champion.”

In less than no time, Jovi’s progress was clearly visible. Mim built a two-story wire crate to improve her living space, and even with her visual impairment, Jovi mastered climbing the ramp in just one day. Mim shared:

“Within 24 hours she had mastered going up the ramp. I would talk to her and walk her down the ramp and after just three times, she mastered the down maneuver as well. She now freely goes up and down the ramp with confidence.”

kitty lost both eyes
Credit: Facebook

Despite the tough start she had in life, Jovi’s cheerful nature was infectious. She learned to play with noisy toys, which made it super easy for her to locate them.

Even though she can’t see, she fearlessly explored every corner of her crate without any problem. Mim continued:

“She began playing with toys two days ago, all of her toys are “noise” toys, ones with bells or jingles so she can find them.”

Additionally, there’s one more thing about Jovi – she fits right in wherever she goes. She lived with a bunch of other dogs and cats and wasn’t afraid of any of them.

They all seem to know she’s a unique little girl, showering her with affectionate licks and treating her with care. Mim added:

“Jovi has investigated her entire crate from one corner to the last on each floor. She fosters with several other canines and felines and has no fear of any of them. In fact, they all seem to sense she is a special little girl, giving her licks of love and being quite gentle with her.”

kitty grew up in the big cat
Credit: Facebook

Soon enough, Jovi made great progress in learning to play gently, thanks to Mim’s patient guidance. It was a journey of growth, but Jovi showed a lot of enthusiasm to learn.

Her recovery was a huge success, after which this energetic little cat was finally ready for a new chapter.

Pet Helpers, Inc. had been taking care of her for quite a while, but fortunately, Jovi has found her forever home where she will receive all the love and care she truly deserves. Her owner shared:

“I adopted Jovi, and as you can see, she has come such a long way. She is amazing. Nothing stops her and she gives her feline brothers a run for their money.”

cat without eyes
Credit: Facebook

This brave little kitty not only overcame her challenges but also won the hearts of everyone who met her. With her forever family by her side, Jovi was ready for an exciting new journey, filled with endless snuggles and a lifetime of love.

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