The 7 cutest creatures in the world and where to find them

There are so many beautiful animals in the world that we are willing to spend money and book travel tickets just to meet them once.

dong vat de thuong anh 1
1. Snow fox: Is there anyone who wouldn’t be moved when they see such a cute white cotton ball? Thanks to their thick fur, snow foxes can withstand cold below minus 58 degrees Celsius. However, they do not always have pure white fur like that. In the summer, snow fox fur often turns brown or gray. So if you meet them during the molting period, don’t think this is a “fake product”… Where to find snow foxes: Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, Iceland . Photo: Animal Sake.
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2. Black-footed cat: At first glance, this animal looks exactly like a domestic cat, but in fact, they are a bit different. The black-footed cat is one of the smallest cats in the world. Adult males weigh less than 1 kg and are about 35-40 cm tall. The size of black-footed cats makes them too cute to bear when seen in real life. Because the black feet help them withstand the hot sand in the desert, this cat is named “black-footed cat”. Where to find black-footed cats: Southern Africa, Botswana, Namibia. Photo: Karoo Cats.
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3. Little penguins: The bustling appearance of penguins makes everyone laugh when they see them. But if you find penguins cute enough, their tiny versions are even cuter. Little penguins are only about 30 cm tall and weigh about 1 kg. In Australia, these cute little penguins are commonly known as “fairy penguins”. They spend 80% of their lives in the sea and only come ashore during the breeding season. Today, human influence and natural climate change are gradually making the life of this species seriously threatened. Where to find little penguins: South coast of Australia, New Zealand. Photo: ICES.
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4. Fennec fox: At first glance, the Fennec fox resembles the result of a cross between a dog and a cat rather than a fox and a fox. The special feature of this species is its extremely small size and super large ears, which help dissipate heat and listen for enemies. Fennec foxes are often kept in captivity as pets, so this species is hardly at risk of extinction. Outside in the wild, the life of this cute animal is often threatened by the owl eagle Bubo. Where to find the Fennec fox: Sahara, North Africa. Photo: The Spruce Pets.
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5. Amazon River Dolphins: Different from the dolphins in the ocean we often see on TV, in the Amazon River system there is also a “unique” species of dolphin known as the “Boto”. This species of dolphin is special because of its unusual pink color, but there are also individuals that are gray. People often say that Amazon river dolphins are the “loneliest” animals because they usually only swim alone or in groups of 2-4. Where to find Amazon river dolphins: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela. Photo: Imgur.
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7. Red panda: Called a bear, this species is actually only a little bigger than a cat (weighs 3-6 kg and is about 40-60 cm long). However, they are still similar to normal pandas in that they like to eat bamboo stems and leaves. The way red pandas move is quite funny because their front legs are shorter than their back legs. To distinguish territory, red pandas often secrete a characteristic odor from their anus. If another red panda enters without having time to hide quickly, they will stand up on their hind legs, spread their front legs like arms and be ready to jump into a fight. Photo: The Verge.

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