The cat eventually formed a loving pair after 848 days of waiting.


A cat curled up between a couple after he had waited 848 days for a home since he was just a kitten.

orange cat hugs human

An orange cat named Beckham spent the first few months of his life in a hoarding situation. The tabby was eager to find haven after having to fight for his meals and space as a kitten.

After he was rescued along with the rest of the cats by several organizations, he arrived in a calm foster home with the help of Sparkle Cat Rescue. Despite his friendly nature, he was startled easily by loud noises and fast movements, and needed extra time and reassurance to adjust.

Slowly but surely, Beckham came out of his shell and begged for attention and love.

orange kitten big eyes

“He is very curious about everything around him. He just wants to play, explore and stay busy. He loves to play with about every toy he can find,” the rescue shared.

Beckham was put up for adoption when he was around four months old. The wait for a forever home turned out to be much longer than they’d anticipated.

orange cat kitten table

“He was a very shy kitten, so that hindered his adoption.”

Beckham became anxious around other cats that weren’t friendly to him, but when he was alone with people, he turned into an attention-seeaker, the sweetest companion. He needed the right environment to allow his true personality to blossom.

orange cat in bed

Beckham would gladly spend all day watching his people. He appreciated his cat beds and toys, but he adored humans more than anything in the world.

The tabby celebrated two birthdays in his foster home. One by one, he saw other kitties get adopted to their new homes, while he patiently waited for a visitor and did his best to impress.

sweet orange cat tabby

Somehow, he was overlooked and hadn’t received any interest for a meet-and-greet.

“He’s been fostering since summer 2021, when he came to us as a kitten. He’s very sweet and always goes right up to people. His greatest wish has been to find a lifetime-of-love adopter.”

cat orange in box

After more than two years, an application that everyone at the rescue had hoped for, finally arrived this month.

Beckham saw a couple come through the door like many did in the past, but this time they were headed his way. When the tabby realized that they were there for him, he was overjoyed and determined to make an impression.

tabby orange cat

Beckham hopped on a chair and leapt into their arms for a long-awaited big hug. He rubbed his face all over them in a display of affection, as if he knew his turn had come.

He was over the moon to be loved on by the couple and stayed in his new dad’s embrace for as long as he could.

cat orange snuggles

When they took out a carrier, Beckham swiftly set himself comfortably inside as if he was ready to depart.

cat in carrier

After 848 days of waiting, Beckham found the family of his dreams and went to his new home last weekend.

He’s now thriving as the king of his house, the center of attention that he always wanted.

cat tabby snuggles

This winter is going to be extra special because Beckham has a warm and loving home to call his own.

sweet happy tabby cat

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