The difference in the Premier League top scorer race this season

Erling Haaland’s decline, along with the rise of domestic strikers, makes the battle for the 2023/24 Premier League Golden Boot more dramatic.

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On the morning of April 16, Cole Palmer scored 4 goals in Chelsea’s 6-0 victory over Everton in round 33 of the Premier League. The rookie of “The Blues” this season is on par with Erling Haaland in the top scorer race ( 20 goals ). The former Man City star also made a strong impression when he had 9 more assists.
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Erling Haaland no longer shows a unique position in the top scorer race this season. The Norwegian striker had consecutive moments of failure. That’s why Haaland only has 20 goals and is at risk of missing out on the Golden Boot title this season.
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This season’s Premier League has seen domestic strikers flourish. One of them is Ollie Watkins . He competed fairly for the top scorer title with 19 goals and 10 assists in 32 matches. The English striker helps Aston Villa have a chance to finish the season in the top 4.
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Mohamed Salah is Liverpool’s most important trigger with 17 goals and 9 assists. At the age of 31, Salah is still the top candidate for the title of top scorer. “The Kop” needs Salah to play explosively in the final rounds to overthrow Man City in the championship race.
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Alexander Isak became Newcastle United’s fulcrum in the fight for a European Cup spot. This striker is playing well and has 17 goals and 1 assist. The gap of 3 goals behind Haaland and Palmer can completely be filled by Isak.
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Dominic Solanke is also another domestic striker who has played very well this season. He reached the mark of 17 goals , only 2 goals less than Watkins, and had 3 more assists in the Premier League. The Bournemouth striker’s contribution also reached 23 goals (19 goals, 4 assists) in all competitions.
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Son Heung-min continues to show great influence in the Tottenham squad. Goals come naturally to the 31-year-old. In 29 appearances this season, the Korean star scored 15 goals and had 9 more assists. Son’s stability helps the “Roosters” still have a chance to win tickets to the Champions League.
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Despite West Ham’s decline, Jarrod Bowen still maintains impressive form with 15 goals and 5 assists in the 2023/24 Premier League. This striker has a great chance of being named to the England squad for EURO 2024 thanks to his impressive goal-scoring ability.

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