The effect that Lionel Messi has! There were “over a million people” there for Inter Miami games.

The impact of Lionel Messi!

It has been revealed that “more than 1 million” fans have seen Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami team play live, demonstrating the impact he has had in the country.


With eight Ballon d’Or victories under his belt, the Argentine sensation wrapped up a dramatic summertime move to the United States, leaving European football with Paris Saint-Germain behind. Weeks after he arrived, Inter Miami had won the Leagues Cup for the first time ever.


As new fans and A-list visitors swarm to see Messi in action, he has captured the attention of a domestic audience in the United States. With MLS Season Pass subscriptions skyrocketing, he has also contributed to Inter Miami’s dominance in the television and streaming arenas.

“More than 1 million people watched Messi’s games live, regular season and Leagues Cup games, which is amazing when you compare it to other sports, leaving out NFL and college football,” Apple senior vice-president of services Eddy Cue told the Miami Herald about the Messi effect.


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