The image caused outrage at the Taylor Swift show

In recent days, social networks have been abuzz with a photo of a baby lying on the floor during Taylor Swift’s concert in Paris.

According to Page Six , user X @jacnights13 participated in the Eras Tour show at La Défense Arena on the evening of May 10 (local time). Then, this person posted on his personal page a photo of the baby sleeping on the floor in the standing area of Taylor’s show. In the photo, there is a person standing next to the child but it is unclear whether it is the parent or guardian. The baby appears to be wearing noise protection.

“I’m not one of those people but I would actually call security if I saw a baby lying on the floor because it’s not safe,” @jacnights13 wrote.

The photo of a baby lying on the floor during the Taylor Swift show angered the online community. Photo: X.

The owner of the post did not reveal when the photo was taken during the night, before or after the performance.

The photo quickly attracted attention from many netizens, with 1.7 million views before being deleted. People were outraged that the baby’s safety was not guaranteed, and questioned why the baby was brought to the concert.

The audience commented: “As the mother of a baby of the same age, I can’t imagine taking them to a music show. I understand that it is difficult to find a sitter, so if you must bring your child, do not leave the baby in the middle of the floor like that. You should have a carrier and the baby needs ear protection”, “Why would you take such a risk? Why were they allowed in the standing area with children in the first place?”, “How could they think that bringing a child to these types of events was a good idea?”, “No You can’t imagine how stressful an environment a baby must be in”, “Wouldn’t a child feel scared? It seemed like the baby was wearing ear protection but even so there was noise, chaos, lots of movement and flashing lights… I don’t understand what the purpose of taking the baby to the concert was”, “If If there is an emergency and everyone has to rush out, the baby will be stepped on or injured. That really makes me uncomfortable”…

Representatives of Taylor Swift and La Défense Arena have not responded to the incident. However, @jacnights13 deleted the photo. On May 12, this account wrote on its personal page: “That’s not my photo so I’m not sure.”

On the official website, La Défense Arena has released instructions specifically for Taylor’s shows from May 9-12, including many notes such as regulations on bags and prohibited items, but does not say What about rules with children. However, in another post, the gym wrote: “It is not recommended to bring children under 4 years old, even if accompanied by someone, due to the large number of participants.”

Taylor Swift restarts her Eras Tour from May 9 in Paris after a few months of rest. The comeback stage was changed to suit the newly released album The Tortured Poets Department . Photo: Getty Images.
The arena with a capacity of 40,000 people is always filled for 4 shows. Photo: Getty Images.

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