The prophet predicts that the whole world will know the name Taylor Swift in the future, but the mother is afraid that her daughter will be kidnapped because… the family is too rich

Just as the prophecy predicted every year, little Taylor Swift has now become a global star and is loved by millions of people.

After 15 years of artistic activities, Taylor Swift has become a globally famous star with many hit songs. Making an important contribution to the female singer’s current success, it is certainly impossible not to mention the role of her mother, Ms. Andrea Gardner Swift . Besides sacrifice and thoughtful care, Ms. Andrea also has an extremely interesting story related to her daughter Taylor.

In 2014, the British singer shared an interesting memory about her mother: ” When I was 12 years old, a prophet predicted my future. He told my mother that the whole world would know her name. But my mother is the only one who knows her daughter’s name. She’s afraid she’ll be kidnapped because her family is so rich.” Just as that man predicted, the name Taylor Swift spread around the world, but thanks to her music , not because she was kidnapped. The funny story of Taylor and her mother made the audience laugh Taylor is the one “kidnapping” the hearts of millions of fans!


Ms. Andrea is the representative woman behind Taylor Swift’s supporter. But who would have thought that when her daughter was not yet famous, she was afraid that her daughter would be kidnapped because she believed the prophecy?


After “Snake Queen” became famous, she always spent time going to events with her daughter


Taylor was born into a well-off family and was pampered, living in luxury from a young age


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