The secret to singing live as strong as Taylor Swift: Combine voice training with jogging


Taylor Swift is known as an artist who can sing live and perform extremely well on stage. Photo: Instagram @taylorswift

Over the course of eight months in 2023, Taylor Swift played 66 sold-out concerts across the Americas as part of the record-breaking The Eras Tour . Every night on stage, Taylor Swift performed more than 40 songs, along with hours of complex dance performances. The female singer always strives to ensure that tens of thousands of fans have the most memorable moments.

The first year of the tour, expected to be followed by 85 more shows in 2024, has required Taylor Swift to endure and strengthen both physically and mentally. The female singer expressed her desire to “dedicatedly serve her fans” as a token of gratitude for the efforts they have put in to be present at The Eras Tour .

So how did this star prepare for performances lasting more than 3 hours with more than 40 songs on stage?

To prepare for The Eras Tour , Taylor Swift jogged and sang all the songs in the setlist live


Taylor Swift jogged and practiced singing all of the more than 40 songs in the setlist to practice her voice and build endurance to perform for the Eras Tour. Photo: Getty Images

In an interview with Time , Taylor Swift revealed that she diligently practiced for her stage performances by singing her entire setlist while running on a treadmill… every day for 6 months before the tour. show begins.

Taylor shared that she divided her setlist based on her running speed: “I run fast for upbeat and fast-paced songs. I jog or walk briskly with lighter songs.” This workout method is part of a special strength and conditioning program at her Dogpound gym, along with three months of dance lessons.

The motivation for this rigorous training process comes from the desire to bring fans a complete and different experience. “Fans tried really hard to get tickets,” she said. I wanted to deliver a performance that was longer than they expected, because that made me feel happy when I left the stadium.”

Say no to alcoholic drinks


Taylor Swift allowed herself to drink alcohol on Grammy night because she was so happy. Photo: Grammy

During preparations for The Eras Tour , in order to have a perfect voice and the ability to concentrate, Taylor Swift even decided to give up drinking alcohol.

“I made a strict rule about drinking,” she shares. I stopped drinking a few months before the tour started, except for one night at the Grammys, which was really funny. I allowed myself a comfortable night at that time.”

The female singer also completely abstains from alcohol during the concerts: “Performing while tired from alcohol is something I don’t want to experience.”

Allow your voice and body to rest every chance you get


Photo: AP

When The Eras Tour began, Taylor Swift regularly performed three days in a row in each city. Especially in Los Angeles, which is her last stop in the US in 2023, she performed 6 shows in 7 days, with only one day off in the middle of the week.

Due to the intense work intensity, during the rest periods between tours, she really allows herself to relax as much as possible, restore and regenerate energy, and prepare for the next shows.

“I could barely talk because I sang non-stop for three days straight,” she recalls. I don’t get out of bed unless I need to get food and then go back to bed to enjoy my meal right there. That is my ideal dream.”


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