These beautiful almond-shaped nail designs will make you run to the salon

Timeless, elegant and sensible – short almond nails are going to be a big hit in 2023! You’ve seen celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kraʋitz and Bella Hadid wear them in 2022, but we’re yet to see short almond-shaped nails in 2023. Why? How did this type of nail become fashionable all of a sudden? Initially popularized by Elizabeth Taylor in the 50s, they took another hit in the 90s as the supermodel nail trend became popular and now – 30 years later – with the The return of many different trends from the 90s, short almond nails are predicted to be the upcoming craze in 2023. Let’s discover exactly what almond nails are, and the best way to get them. achieve the right shape and take some inspiration from our nail art creations during your next appointment! What is Quick Almond Nails? Quite understandably, based on their name, these nails simulate the shape of an almond. Similar to oʋal nails, they are filed along the circumference to achieve the slender appearance of the nail, and the tips are tapered – oʋal, but still slightly pointed – like a real almond.
How To Create Awesome Almond Nails Quickly?

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