Three Dimensional Frost, Iridescent Glamour, and Twelve Stunning Frozen Nail Masterpieces

If you thrive in the winter season — and all of the cold-weather activities that come along with it — you’ll definitely want a set of “icy” nails, a mani a trend with over 43 million views on TikTok that’s perfect for this time of year.

Icy nail art includes a blend of cool tones and crackling textures, says Coca Michelle, a celebrity nail artist. For example, think of a sheer blue polish with an embossed tip that captures the look of ice, she tells Bustle.

Creators on TikTok have perfected the art of frosting their fingertips with designs that truly look like actual icicles. But according to Michelle, you don’t have to be literal about it. Icy nails can be covered in snowflakes for a pretty winter theme, or you can use an icy texture as a backdrop for other types of nail art. Michelle has also played around with the trend by applying layers of gems atop a clear, frozen-looking nail.

Keep scrolling below for 14 different icy nail art designs to use as inspo for the ultimate winter manicure.

1.Feeling Frozen

Crackly ice cold nails.Instagram/@priscilla.nails

To create this gorgeous crackling effect, nail artists apply crinkled plastic wrap to gel on the underside of the nail. Once they add a shiny top coat — and lots and lots of glitter — it ends up looking exactly like a glistening frozen pond. Pair the design with extra long stiletto nails and your tips will look like icicles.

2.Beautiful Blizzard

Snowy nails.Instagram/@nailsbylexiv

Try the crackle ice effect on your entire nail or apply it to see-through tips. While a clear nail will always look wintery, you can also try the effect with blue, purple, or other chilly hues, says Michelle.

3.Aurora Ice

Holographic ice nails.Instagram/@3615_zbobinails

For a manicure that looks reflective like the aurora borealis on an icy night, start by creating a 3D effect using gel and then apply a holographic glitter on top. The end result will be dazzlingly shiny.

4.Sweater Weather

Sweater details.Instagram/@karina_capricorn777

3D sweater designs always look cute and cozy come winter, but especially so when paired with the frozen effect. Try an ombré on for size by painting each nail a different shade of blue. The juxtaposition between the knitted texture and the crystal cracks will make the ice tips pop.

5.Let It Snow

Let it snow nails.Instagram/@nailsx.adri

It doesn’t get any cuter than writing “Let It Snow” in your nail art. To recreate the look at home, apply a layer of white or blue gel. Then, while it’s still wet, dust on an acrylic powder. Write in it using a sharp tool before letting it cure.

6.Ice Queen

Icy fingertips. Instagram/

For a more minimalist look, skip the gems and polishes and simply rock a set of ice nails all on their own. The clear, crackle effect will help you feel seasonal without screaming winter.

7.Snow Day

Ice nails with snowflake details and glitter.Instagram/@nailsbyhami

Clear nails — which are everywhere right now — are the perfect backdrop for wintry details like silver glitter or a swirl of blue snowflakes. This set is perfect for holiday parties, New Year’s Eve get-togethers, or your average chilly Saturday.

8.Ice Cube Tips

Icy nails.Instagram/@kawaiinailsnyc

This nail art looks like actual ice cubes on your fingertips. Accentuate the illusion by outlining the 3D effect with silver chrome around your entire nail.

9.On The Rocks

Chunky blue ice nail art.Instagram/@vdw.nails

Serve up a chill manicure by rocking chunky blue ice cubes as French tips. It’s the most seasonally appropriate way to rock the classic nail design.

10.Frosted Windows

Ice nails with jewels.Instagram/@priscilla_nails

A frosty effect pairs perfectly with icy nails. This mani serves frosted windows on a cold winter’s morning. Add a few iridescent jewels and you’ll have yourself a perfect set.

11.Iced Out

Snowflake nail art.Instagram/@nailprofessorv

Show your love for all things wintry with a snowy manicure like this one. To get the look, start with a translucent base, then ask your nail artist to go to town with an array of unique snowflake designs.

12.Cold As Ice

Ice nail art ideas.Instagram/@cocamichelle

Michelle recommends rocking the icy look with plenty of jewels and gems. She created this design, which features jelly-style pale blue tips and lots of texture.

13.Winter Wonderland

Blue sparkles.Instagram/@babenailz

There’s no such thing as too much glitter when it comes to icy nails. This set looks like a snow globe thanks to the layered sparkles and ombré effects.

14.Melted Ice

Blue icy nails with silver details.Instagram/@kimchisnails

For another take on the trend, add icy details to a blue-themed manicure. Think sparkly stars, cute ribbons, shiny gems, and melted-looking details that look positively polar.

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