Top 10 cutest animals on earth

1. Persian Cat


Standing at the top of the cutest animals in the world is the Persian cat. However, most cats on earth are very cute. If you are an animal lover, you probably have a cat or dog in your home or by your side right now. If you don’t own a Persian cat, don’t be sad. The reason the Persian cat was chosen is because this small animal looks a little cuter than other cats.

2. Fennec Fox


Fennec foxes are extremely playful and friendly with their owners, they even look more like a combination of a dog and a cat than a fox. Their soft fur, small bodies and long, wide ears make them one of the cutest animals in the world.

3. Rabbit


Rabbits are small and cute herbivorous mammals. They are also the most popular pets on earth. Rabbits come in many colors and species, and like cats and dogs, they are very friendly. However, you should still be careful when letting them play with young children because their small teeth can cause injuries to children.

4. Pomeranian Dog


Pomeranian is a small-sized dog breed with a lovely appearance originating from Europe. Their body size is getting smaller and smaller. But it is that smallness that makes them more famous. They are very intelligent, eager to learn and loyal, curious and hyperactive but also very affectionate and easy to teach.

5. Red panda


The red panda is a mammal native to the Himalayas of Eastern and Southwest China. Red pandas have reddish-brown fur, long, shaggy tails and a slouching gait because their front legs are shorter. And they’re only a little bigger than cats. Red pandas are currently a rare species at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and hunting.

6. Arctic fox


The arctic snow fox is also known as the arctic fox or snow fox. They have the ability to adapt to harsh weather environments. They can live in extremely cold weather below -70 degrees Celsius.

7. Koala bear


Koala bears or koalas are animals that are easily recognizable by their chubby body, large head with round ears, smooth fur and big nose. Koalas have a body length of 60-85 cm and weigh 4 – 15kg. Koalas are very cute animals. Their faces and expressions look very innocent and innocent, making them look even more adorable.

8. Northern Pygmy Owl


The Northern Pygmy owl is the smallest of all species. Despite their small appearance, they usually only hunt prey that is the same size or larger than themselves. This animal lives in the Northwest of America. They are usually brown, light brown or gray in color.

9. Little penguin


The Little Penguin is the mascot of the 2007 FNA World Swimming Championships held in Melbourne, Victoria. These penguins are completely similar to normal penguins except for size. Their smallness makes them look cuter than their counterparts, so it’s not surprising that they are on the list of the 10 cutest animals in the world.

10. Thorny hedgehog


Hedgehogs are spiny mammals that live in Asia, Africa and Europe. Although they look a lot like mice, there’s no denying how cute and harmless they are. That’s why more and more of them are being raised as pets.


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