Try These 20 Watermelon Nail Designs

Are watermelons your favorite fruit, too? High-five! I can’t imagine hot summer days without munching on cold watermelon slices. I swear by pairing watermelon with feta cheese, with the sweet, juicy fruit complementing the salty cheese.

Heck, add watermelon to salads or drink it as a refreshing shake, this fruit’s that appetizing. My mouth is watering a bit just thinking of all the dishes you can whip up with this versatile fruit!

So if you’re as addicted to watermelon as I am, why not incorporate it into your style, starting with your nails? Watermelon-inspired designs are cute ideas for bright summer nails.

20 Watermelon Nails To Try

You can even feature the fruit in your spring nails if you’re that excited to share your love for it!

You aren’t limited to plain watermelon nails, either. Make your style more unique with hot pink nail designs featuring watermelons, or any other color for that matter. The choice is yours and you can get a ton of

ideas from these designs below!

Make sure to pin this image to your favorite Pinterest board so you can come back for updates on these watermelon nail designs to try!

179 - Watermelon Nail Designs

1. Cute Neon Watermelon Color Nails

01-Cute Neon Watermelon Color Nails

Photo by @nails_artglam

If you want to be a bit subtler with your love for watermelon, then these watermelon color nails are a perfect fit.

Think of this unique neon French manicure as watermelon-themed nails… without the watermelon. When people ask why red and green, that’s when you can let them in on your little addiction!

2. Bright Summer Watermelon Nails

02-Bright Summer Watermelon Nails

Photo by @muzzynails

Ready your bikini body and bright summer nails with these vibrant watermelons!

Imagine being by the beach and flaunting your style with a glass of refreshing fruit juice and summer watermelon nails? Totally Instagrammable!

3. Hot Pink Watermelon Nails

03-Hot Pink Watermelon Nails

Photo by

Uh, watermelons on pink nails? Count me in that trend!

Go beyond the usual and live up to your Barbie dreams with this hot pink watermelon nail design! Pair it with a pink bikini and you’ll be as bright as the sun.

4. Vibrant Watermelon Acrylic Nails

04-Vibrant Watermelon Acrylic Nails

Photo by @nasty_nails_x

Looking for cute acrylic nails that will definitely last during your summer vacay?

This vibrant watermelon design on nails will do just the trick! Enjoy fresh watermelons while looking fab from your nails to your swimsuit.

5. Red Watermelon French Tips

05-Red Watermelon French Tips

Photo by

Here’s a subtle way to add a watermelon nail design on the tips!

If you’re looking for a change from the classic French tip nails, try a much sweeter note with bold red French tips and watermelons.

6. Pretty Easy Watermelon Nails

06-Pretty Easy Watermelon Nails-J

Photo by @shannie.anni

Looking for easy watermelon nails you can do yourself?

All you need are four colors and this photo for inspiration! Add a few black dots all over for watermelon seeds and you’ve got yourself an adorable set of watermelon nails you can show off to friends.

7. Cute Cartoon Watermelon Nails

07-Cute Cartoon Watermelon Nails-J

Photo by @beautiful_nails.cory

Here’s a set of cute watermelon nails that look like they just came out of a cartoon! Those waves of different green and red shades look so cool, I’d probably be craving for a watermelon after seeing these!

8. Pretty Watermelon Gel Nails

08-Pretty Watermelon Gel Nails

Photo by @queenbcreative_

Watermelon sugar, high!

These watermelon gel nails are perfect for spring and summer with cute floral patterns and colorful French tips. I’d pair it with a flowy summer dress and enjoy a bright, sunny day.

9. Bold Red Watermelon Coffin Nails

09-Bold Red Watermelon Coffin Nails

Photo by @mila_koultouridou

How can these coffin nails look so cute yet bold at the same time?! The bold red shade is really going to catch many eyes because it can mean strength, danger, and passion.

But look at some of the nails and you see a yummy watermelon slice peeking at you! It’s a fun way to show how much you love watermelons during dates or on Valentine’s Day.

10. Cool Watermelon Dip Nails

10-Cool Watermelon Dip Nails

Photo by @allthe_rach

If you want something that really evokes passion (and your love for watermelons), these bold red watermelon dip nails are made for you.

Dip nails are all the rage because they can last for up to a month, so you can enjoy the entire summer flaunting these cool nails!

11. White Watermelon French Manicure

11-White Watermelon French Manicure

Photo by @denasnails

White nails with watermelon designs are always a cute way to show your innocent and whimsical side.

The milky white shade and French tip style have your hands look elegant and fabulous, with those ‘lil watermelons peeking out of the nail base!

12. Pink Ombre Watermelon Nails

12-Pink Ombre Watermelon Nails

Photo by Back2BeautyNails

These green and pink ombre nails show that pink is also the optimum color when featuring watermelons!

So, if you’re a fan of this fashionable nail trend, use these ombre watermelon nails as your inspiration.

13. Watermelon Stiletto Nails

13-Watermelon Stiletto Nails

Photo by FejkiNails

Phew, is it getting hot in here? Oh no, it’s just your watermelon stiletto nails!

Daring and fun, that’s what stiletto nails are known for! Show off your hot and playful personality with detailed watermelon art.

14. Awesome Watermelon Short Nails

14-Awesome Watermelon Short Nails

Photo by @mihoxoxo0413

I didn’t forget the girlies with short nails!

These are a combination of two awesome nail trends – Ombre and French manicures! You can still be artistic with your natural nails, with this design giving you a ton of positive attention!

15. Green Watermelon Rind Nails

15-Green Watermelon Rind Nails

Photo by @colortrip_nails

I’ve been so focused on the juicy red flesh and seeds that I forgot how cool the green rinds look when you make them into a work of art!

Feature the watermelon rind if you’re into green nail designs (and Billie Eilish’s vibes). It looks psychedelic and will definitely turn heads!

16. Neon Watermelon Nails

16-Neon Watermelon Nails

Photo by @kingajesien_nails

Featuring neon colors in your nails will definitely give you the pop of color your outfit deserves!

You’ll be under the spotlight with these neon watermelon color-themed nails with a polka dot watermelon nail design to show your creative side.

17. Long Artistic Watermelon Nails

17-Long Artistic Watermelon Nails-J

Photo by @nails_by_evelyn9

Have nails as long and tall as your glass of watermelon mint mojito with this design!

The dewy details on the watermelons are what make the nail art so much more realistic (and appetizing).

18. Dewy Watermelon Almond Nails

18-Dewy Watermelon Almond Nails

Photo by @yessential_nails

Here’s another ombre and French manicure design you’re going to love. These juicy watermelons look so real that I’m ready to bite into them (don’t worry, I won’t)!

The almond nail shape is a nice touch because it can help make your fingers look slimmer and longer!

19. Aesthetic Red Watermelon Nails

19-Aesthetic Red Watermelon Nails

Photo by @daily_charme

Tired of seeing the usual red watermelon nails? Go the extra mile with a unique red French manicure no one would have ever thought of doing!

The red glitter tips and cute watermelon design on the base will let the world know you’ve got a distinctive style and quirky personality!

20. Juicy Watermelon Shellac Nails

20-Juicy Watermelon Shellac Nails-J

Photo by @hananail_nz

Shellac nails give you the best balance of durability and shine, as you can see in these nails!

You’re going to love how polished this set is, giving your nails a more “juicy” appearance. Everyone’s going to be craving a tall glass of cold watermelon juice after seeing your nails!

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