Twins and triplets delight in fruits and vegetables, showcasing the wonders of nature.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day, but not everyone is lucky enough to encounter strange cases of twins and triplets like this.

Going to the market, even flipping a basket of tomatoes, you can hardly find a pair of twins like this.


2 ripe red tomatoes accidentally stick together to form a heart. These are truly 2 perfect heart pieces.


You must have heard of a mother giving birth to 11 children at once. Perhaps this tomato plant is also classified as a world record.

Brothers and sisters cling to each other too tightly.


A tomato tree whose fruit is the same as 4, 5.

Since we are brothers and sisters, we cannot be separated.


This “twin” case is even more special. Even though 2 is still 1.

If you look far, many people may not realize these are two apples.


Strawberries are also very popular with twins.

Not only twins, but triplets too.

And this is the birth time, no one knows.


If not for the color and appearance, who would dare to say that this is a strawberry.

What about your mother’s watermelon?


Not sure what the inside of this duo will look like.

How many times have you eaten oranges but never seen one like this.


The feeling of joy when just peeling an orange and “winning” another fruit.


Pumpkin also has a case of twins like this?


Pair of conjoined cucumbers.


This is truly the strangest pineapple on earth.

I can’t believe my eyes when I have a “3 heads 6 hands” pineapple like this.


This will be the most prominent couple in the tree.

Grape is no exception.


I was going to peel a banana to eat, but I had to eat both of them.


Seeing this corn is unusually large, opening it to see something special.

The seeds of this twin corn don’t even line up.

Twin bananas are not uncommon, but twin bananas like this are really rare.


Did they grow too close to stick together?

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