Use These Aquarius Season Nail Ideas to Uplift Your Mood and Embrace the Air Sign Energy!

On Jan. 20, the ultra-focused Capricorn season was officially replaced by the out-there energy of Aquarius season, which will carry on through Feb. 18.

While Capricorns ring in the New Year with their hard-working, goal-oriented mentality, Aquarians are very much associated with their intelligence, creative nature, and deeply rebellious spirit.

It's officially Aquarius season. Here are 15 eccentric nail art ideas that embody the sign.

Hello, Aquarius Season

Aquarians are air signs represented by the symbol of the water bearer, and they’re ruled by the technology-governing planet of Uranus. Very much the oddball of the zodiac, their independent and seemingly detached nature lends itself to a very “out of the box” approach to life, love, and even their career.

For some famous references, Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, and the fictitious Rose Dawson from Titanic are all representative of the eclectic water bearer.

The Sign’s Manicure M.O.

Since this member of the zodiac has an airy essence and a penchant for individuality, Aquarians are all about vivid aqua blue, dreamy lilac, and metallic silver manicures, though they’ll sometimes be down to add a touch of unexpected orange and even hints of Barbiecore pink to their nails.

Mirror-like chrome finishes, mosaics of colorful rhinestones, and painterly splashes of bold color are also fitting of an Aquarian’s nail art aesthetic.

15 Aquarius Nail Designs

Embrace the creative Aquarius season with a mani that stands out — keep scrolling for 15 designs that give big air sign energy.

Airbrushed Aqua Blue Tips

Aqua blue nails with airbrushed details are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.


A quintessential Aquarius manicure, these vivid aqua-blue nails feature the sweetness and nostalgia of airbrushed artwork on every single nail.

Cool-Toned Chrome Details

Silver chrome nail art details are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season. @yveningset

With a uniquely eye-catching design painted on every single nail, this cool-toned chromatic manicure features a maximalist array of coquette ribbons, alien-esque designs, and 3D details.

Vibrant Monarch Butterfly Wings

Orange monarch butterfly nail art is on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season. @brushedbyb_

This bright, monarch butterfly-inspired design is sure to stand out — and it serves as a subtle nod to the zodiac’s air element.

Cool-toned blue aura nails are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.

Wintery Aura Nail Art

Minimal silver nail cuffs are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@yveningset

Rock a cool navy and light blue aura nail set to channel this zodiac sign’s vibes. The trendsetter in Aquarius’ blood will love that it’s a nail design beloved by A-listers like Megan Fox and Halle Bailey.

Silver Chrome Nail Cuffs

Lisa Frank-inspired colorful rhinestone nail adornments are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@anouknailedit

For the manicure minimalist who wants to add just a bit of edge to their set, try adorning each neutral nail with some chromatic silver cuffs.

Lisa Frank-Inspired Mosaic Gems

Trendy heart-shaped nail art cut-outs are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@samrosenails

Try haphazardly gluing on a mosaic of colorful gemstones for a dazzling set that turns heads (and is very Lisa Frank-coded).

Trendy Heart-Shaped Cut-Outs

Cartoon cloud designs on lavender nails are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@brittsnailss

Valentine’s Day just so happens to fall within Aquarius season, BTW. Add some individuality to classic dark red nails with a pretty heart-shaped cut-out.

Airy Cartoon Clouds

Edgy silver nail jewelry is on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@brushedbyb_

Dress up your pretty ombré lilac manicure with some cartoonish cloud designs in pure white polish for a whimsical set any air sign would love.

Edgy Silver Nail Jewelry

Colorful Skittle nail art is on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@a4ngelnails

There’s nothing quite as quintessentially Aquarian as placing silver jewelry on your nails. The unexpected accents are totally eclectic (and that’s the point).

Unexpected Colorful Skittle Mani

Colorful Skittle nail art is on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@anouknailedit

Take cues from Aquarian Harry Styles and paint on some half-and-half Skittle nails in any color palette you’d like. More is more, after all.

Tattoo-Inspired Angel Numbers

Tattoo-inspired angel number nail art is on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@southtxnails

If you’re an angel number girly, extend your luck through the Aquarius season by painting the special digits on your nails in an edgy tattoo-style font.

Lavender Croc Print French Tips

Lavender crocodile printed French tip nails are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@nailslpc.xo

Traditionally, croc print nails are done in handbag-matching shades of dark chocolate and cream. For an unexpected — and very Aquarius — flair, give the classy design a lilac makeover.

Pretty Painterly Pattern

Creative paint-swatch nail art details are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@sansungnails

This color-happy set features unexpected colors and abstract swatches of paint (most likely created with blooming gel nail polish).

Simple Aqua Blue Swirls

French tip nails with aqua blue swirls are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@brittsnailss

For those who love the look of traditional French manicures, add a bit of Aquarius vibes with some bold blue swirls over each nail.

Whimsical Watercolor Swirls

Whimsical watercolor-inspired nail designs are on-trend for 2024's Aquarius season.@disseynails

Turn your nail beds into works of art with a watercolor-esque set that uses Aquarius-approved nail polish colors.

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