With His Amazingly Expressionful Eyebrows, This Cat Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Meet Sam, a sweet kitten who has gone viral thanks to his unique eyebrows. Black fur markings over his eyes make him look as if he has eyebrows going through the roof.

Image credits: Instagram

Sam lives with his mom, Amanda Collado, 26, in New York City. Before coming into Amanda’s life, Sam was a stray kitten. Amanda’s mom, Ivette Rodriguez, noticed him wandering around the neighborhood, so she and her neighbors tried to feed him, but he refused to eat. He also wouldn’t interact with the other stray cats.

Image credits: Instagram

Amanda was worried that the cat was injured, so she decided to bring him home. She took him to the vet, where he could be checked for his health level.

Image credits: Instagram

“It was on our first vet visit that we learned that he had likely been abandoned because he was already neutered and had no calluses on his paw pads,” Amanda wrote on Sam’s website.

Image credits: Instagram

Amanda started an Instagram account for Sam in October 2012. Photos of Sam and his unique eyebrows went viral instantly, and he now has 200.000 followers on Instagram and 530,000 likes on Facebook.

Image credits: Instagram

“When Sam isn’t being an Internet star, he’s still a pretty unique cat. His favorite pastimes are eating tomatoes, hiding on top of the refrigerator, and getting you to run around the house to play with him,” Amanda said.

Image credits: Instagram

After becoming famous on the internet, Sam started getting invited to more and more events and being featured in newspapers and magazines. His adorable eyebrows have won him fans across the world, including in Japan, Australia, and Sweden.

Image credits: Instagram

Amanda still regularly updates Sam’s Instagram page with photos of the cute kitty’s life! If you want to learn more about Sam, visit his Instagram page, and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Image credits: Instagram

More info: samhaseyebrows.nyc | Instagram

h/t: Bored Panda

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