With His Diamond Eyes, This Supermodel Cat Is Taking Over The Internet

The beauty of cat eyes is the doorway to their hearts, the place where love resides. For this reason, we absolutely fall in love with cute cats, especially when they have bright vibrant eyes. And this handsome boy even stole our hearts from the first photo by his supermodel looks and special eyes.

Image:Supermodel Cat With Diamond Eyes

Meet Coffee, the supermodel cat with a shining personality is taking the Internet by storm. Although his name is Coffee, he owns a white and fluffy coat. Everyone thinks he’s a girl because he is so pretty and gorgeous.

Image:Supermodel Cat With Diamond Eyes

Just look at this playful boy, you will see a perfect combination we just can’t get enough of!!! When the sun hits his eyes, they remind us of diamonds or like the galaxy.

Watch more of the adorable cat below:

If you love this beautiful boy as much as we do, you can follow him on Facebook to see more his adorable pictures!

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h/t:The Dodo

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