With just one sentence, Taylor Swift hinted that she was pregnant in the album exposing her ex-lover Joe Alwyn?

The whole world is paying attention to Taylor Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department . From the title to the promotional information, The Tortured Poets Department is exactly the album that “exposes” Taylor Swift’s 6-year love affair with “British poet” Joe Alwyn. Taylor Swift maintains her storytelling style through her superior song, mentioning many related characters as well as details of her 6-year love story.

Among them, fans were startled by the lyrics “But Daddy, I love him! I’m having his baby” (But dad, I love him! I’m pregnant with his baby) in the song. But Daddy I Love Him. Because this is an album about the love story with Joe Alwyn, fans panicked and thought that Taylor Swift was pregnant with him. But in the next line, the female singer denied , “I’m not at all.” The content of the song “But Daddy I Love Him” is about a love story that was opposed by the girl’s father, and she only pretended to be pregnant to see her father’s reaction. This made Swifties everywhere quickly breathe a sigh of relief.

Chỉ với 1 câu, Taylor Swift ám chỉ từng mang thai trong album bóc trần tình cũ Joe Alwyn? - Ảnh 2.

The lyrics “But dad, I love him! I’m pregnant with his child”…

Chỉ với 1 câu, Taylor Swift ám chỉ từng mang thai trong album bóc trần tình cũ Joe Alwyn? - Ảnh 3.

… causing fans to panic and think that Taylor Swift was pregnant with Joe Alwyn

But fortunately that is not true

Taylor Swift – Joe Alwyn first met in 2016 and their relationship was revealed in 2017. Unlike previous noisy relationships, this time Taylor Swift’s relationship is completely private. Quarantined together amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple is increasingly closer to each other through newly composed songs. During 6 years together, Taylor Swift composed 9 songs about her British boyfriend. The couple was even said to be getting married many times.

But in March 2023, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn went their separate ways. Entertainment Tonight confirmed that the couple broke up “no fuss” and “no drama”. Despite the speculations, both main characters remained silent. If Taylor Swift has found new happiness with Travis Kelce, Joe Alwyn is still single.

Chỉ với 1 câu, Taylor Swift ám chỉ từng mang thai trong album bóc trần tình cũ Joe Alwyn? - Ảnh 5.

The 6-year love story with Joe Alwyn is the main topic of Taylor Swift’s new album

Before the release of The Tortured Poets Department , the name Joe Alwyn reached the top trending on social network X in the US. This happened because many Taylor Swift fans discussed the possibility of Joe Alwyn “cuckolding” the singer.

Specifically, Taylor Swift released a new album on April 19. Going back to the past, on April 19, 2022, Elle magazine published an interview with Joe Alwyn and co-star Alison Oliver. This article says that the Conversations with Friends couple has such great “chemistry” in the movie that it makes others pay attention. Taylor Swift’s release of a new album on April 19 is said to be a move to reveal her ex-lover’s secret story.

In addition, there is also information that Joe Alwyn once held a party for Alison Oliver at Taylor Swift’s rented apartment while the singer was away. From these things, netizens suspected Joe Alwyn of having an affair with Alison Oliver, leading to a breakup with Taylor Swift. However, up to now, all parties involved in the story have kept silent.

Chỉ với 1 câu, Taylor Swift ám chỉ từng mang thai trong album bóc trần tình cũ Joe Alwyn? - Ảnh 6.

Joe Alwyn was suspected of having an affair with actress Alison Oliver behind Taylor Swift’s back

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