Without giving birth to their child at the finish line, Taylor Swift's parents still helped their child succeed

Taylor Swift’s parents – Mr. Scott Swift (71 years old) and Ms. Andrea Swift (66 years old) – have always accompanied their daughter in every step of her career. When Taylor went on her international Eras tour, her parents always accompanied her to support her. It is parents who are the most effective support platform for Taylor Swift to achieve impressive success in her singing career.

Even though Swift’s parents are older, they still strive to accompany their child in every activity. When Swift had a series of large-scale music concerts in Australia with a record-breaking audience in her career, her parents were present to witness important concerts in their child’s career. They have their own ways to support their children.

Taylor’s father – Mr. Scott Swift – personally distributed souvenirs to some lucky fans present at Swift’s concert. On another music night, he personally brought cake to invite some of his daughter’s fans to eat as a snack.

When he encountered a mother taking her young daughter to see her idol’s show, but they could only buy tickets in a position with limited visibility, Mr. Scott personally approached and gave them a pair of VIP tickets. mother and daughter.

Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 1
Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 2

Taylor Swift’s parents – Mr. Scott Swift (71 years old) and Ms. Andrea Swift (66 years old) – have always accompanied their daughter in every step of her career (Photo: Daily Mail).

Those moves attracted the attention of the media and the international public. Small actions like this make Swift’s fan community very touched. It was her parents who helped Swift score more points with fans through a series of small but warm actions performed throughout the Eras tour.

Analyzing Swift’s career journey and level of success in the international music market, it is found that her parents were the first and constant driving force that helped the female singer achieve great success.

Do everything for your child but don’t admit it, because you don’t want to put pressure on your child

Marketing expert Andrea Finlay and financial expert Scott Swift married in 1988. They welcomed their first daughter, Taylor Swift, into the world in 1989. Their son, Austin Swift, was born in 1992. The Swift family originally lived in on a pine farm in the town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA.

Taylor Swift’s parents recognized their daughter’s musical talent from a young age. They decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee, USA, when Taylor was 14 years old, to help her have better conditions to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 3
Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 4

Taylor Swift on the “Eras” tour (Photo: Daily Mail).

Talking about the move to change the family’s living environment at that time, Swift’s mother once shared: “I never mentioned to my child about moving house as if it were a move to help him achieve his dream. dream. Because it would be terrible if success did not come to you.

You will carry the feeling of indebtedness to your family and many other pressures on your career path. My husband and I have always assured our children that our family moved not so that they could achieve anything.”

However, success quickly found Taylor Swift. She quickly got her first recording contract with Sony in 2004 at the age of 14. She became the youngest female singer to ever sign a recording contract with Sony. Taylor then signed with Big Machine Records in 2005.

The advantage of having a father who is a financial expert and a mother who is a marketing expert

Taylor Swift has repeatedly mentioned her mother as an expert planner who helped her achieve success in her career. Taylor describes her mother – a marketing expert – as a woman with logical thinking and strategic planning ability.

Taylor Swift once said about her mother: “My mother and I are very close. She has always been my close friend. When I was in high school, there were times when I had no friends, it was my mother who was always my friend. my most sincere friend”.

Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 5
Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 6

The “Eras” tour is a golden milestone in Taylor Swift’s singing career (Photo: Daily Mail).

Swift’s father – Mr. Scott – with financial knowledge is also an important figure behind his daughter’s success. He operates a very effective close-knit team to support Taylor Swift’s singing career over the years.

Currently, Mr. Scott Swift heads an investment company with connections to about 10 subsidiaries. These subsidiaries specialize in undertaking different tasks related to Taylor Swift’s singing career.

Subsidiaries are in charge of business operations, copyright issues, operating buses for touring activities, real estate management and Taylor Swift’s private jet…

In 2010, when Taylor won her first Grammy for Album of the Year for Fearless , she dedicated this important win to her parents: “This award is for my dad and the times he affirmed me.” me, that I can do anything I want in life. This award is for my mother, who has always been my best friend.”

In addition to helping their children have the best conditions to pursue a singing career at a young age, Taylor Swift’s parents have also become an important part in planning marketing strategies and financial management activities, providing support. helpful for her career.

Movie trailer “Era of Taylor Swift” (Video: CGV Cinemas Vietnam).

Even though they are divorced, Taylor Swift’s parents are still their child’s strong support system

Taylor’s parents always find ways to support their daughter even when they are no longer married. Mr. Scott and Ms. Andrea are said to have divorced privately in 2011. However, they still accompany their children on tours. Both are always strong supporters for their daughter.

In July 2023, while present at one of her daughter’s performances in the US, Ms. Andrea recognized a loyal fan of her daughter and came over to say hello. She received the letter from the fan and promised to give the letter to her daughter.

Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 7
Không sinh ra con ở vạch đích, cha mẹ Taylor Swift vẫn giúp con thành công - 8

It was her parents who helped Swift score more points with fans through a series of small but warm actions (Photo: Daily Mail).

Even though it’s a small action, details like this always cause a storm with Swift’s fan community. The clip recording the process of Ms. Andrea interacting with her daughter’s fans has attracted hundreds of thousands of interactions on social networks. Parents are also part of the reason why Taylor Swift has a large number of loyal fans.

Taylor Swift once shared on social networks that her singing career is a shared family affair. Her parents have always participated in work projects to help their daughter run things smoothly. Therefore, the billionaire singer always emphasizes that the success she achieved is the common success of the whole family.

Taylor Alison Swift (born 1989) is a famous American singer and songwriter. Swift’s writing and singing career, as well as her way of building her image, have influenced the international music industry, as well as global popular culture. Swift is a character who has received great attention from the media and the international public.

Swift began composing professionally at the age of 14. She had her first recording contract in 2005 with Big Machine Records. She quickly achieved success as a female pop country singer with albums such as Taylor Swift (2006), Fearless (2008) and Speak Now (2010).

Singles like Love Story and You Belong with Me witnessed the successful intersection of country and pop music, helping Swift rise in the ranks and become an international music star. The fourth album of her career – Red (2012) – is an experiment with electronic music. From this album she had the hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together .

Swift made a transition in image, from a country music star to a pop star with the album 1989 (2014). This is a pop music compilation album that created hits like Shake It Off , Blank Space , Bad Blood . The album Reputation (2017) created the hit song Look What You Made Me Do.

After signing a recording contract with Republic Records in 2018, Swift released the album Lover (2019) and the biographical documentary Miss Americana (2020). Swift exploited the indie folk style in the albums Folklore and Evermore released in 2020. She introduced electronic pop in the album Midnights (2022).

After having disagreements with her former record company, Swift began re-recording old albums, refreshing old songs and creating chart-topping hits such as Cruel Summer , Cardigan , Willow. , Anti-Hero , All Too Well , Is It Over Now? .

The Eras international tour (2023-2024) and the film surrounding this tour have become the highest-grossing tour and tour film of all time.

Swift is one of the world’s best-selling artists with more than 200 million records sold globally as of 2019. She is also the female artist on tour with the highest sales in music history, a female. Singer attracts the largest number of music listeners on several digital music platforms. Swift is the first female billionaire to build a “billion dollar” fortune mainly from her singing career.

In 2023, Time magazine honored Swift as Person of the Year. Swift has repeatedly appeared on prestigious magazine lists surrounding the greatest artists of all time and the most powerful women in the world. She has won countless music awards, the most impressive of which are 14 Grammy awards. Swift holds the record with 4 Grammy awards for Album of the Year.

According to Daily Mail

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